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New Employee Information
As a new employee of CRMC you will complete our full orientation process before beginning your first day of work in your department. Employee Health, Orientation and Payroll are all important parts of the first step to becoming part of the CRMC family.

Employee Health
Your appointment is scheduled by Human Resources. Bring these items to your appointment:

  1. Completed Employee Health Forms. Click HERE and HERE for the forms.
  2. Immunization Records
  3. Record of most recent PPD test if available

New Hire Forms
After you’ve been offered a position with CRMC, you’ll need to provide the following to HR:

  • State Tax Forms
  • Federal tax Forms
  • I-9 and list of documents
  • HR New Hire Forms – You’ll receive these forms from HR. They must be completed before you attend General Orientation.

Online Orientation

General Orientation
General Orientation class is held every other Monday beginning at 7:45 am. Human Resources will schedule you for the class once you have successfully completed the entire new hire process including on-line orientation, Employee Health requirements and the payroll packet.