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How Social Services can help

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We know that navigating today’s healthcare systems can be complicated. CRMC’s Case Management and Social Services’ highly trained nurses, social workers, and clerks are here to help.

At admission, Case Management and Social Service staff work with patients and family members to identify, make arrangements for, and better understand the healthcare services needed during hospitalization and after discharge.

By serving as a link between the patient and family, the healthcare team, insurance companies, and community based agencies, the Case Management and Social Services team provides a plan of care that best meets the needs of each patient.

Throughout a patient’s stay, Case Management and Social Services staff members are always available to answer any questions and concerns, including those related to discharge planning.   

The Case Management and Social Services team daily demonstrates the power of education, communication, collaboration, and advocacy on behalf of the patient in helping families deal with the complex aspects of healthcare delivery, coverage, and follow-up.