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The only completely automated robotic pharmacy in the region

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, the pharmacy fills and delivers over 60,000 doses of medication per month. To reduce adverse drug interaction and eliminate medication errors, we purchased and installed a McKesson Automation System called the Robot Rx in the fall of 2011. We use this new equipment to dispense medications ordered by our physicians for our patients. All of our medications have a barcode. We scan the barcode on the medication and match it by scanning the barcode on the patient’s wrist-band identification bracelet. Using the Robotic technology and the barcode technology together we have dramatically reduced medication errors and increased the accuracy of medication delivery to 99.9%

As a result of this technology, we have also reduced the number of “human touches” from a 40-step process to a 20-step process. We have thereby reduced the chances of error in ordering medications, delivering medications and administering medications. We have also dramatically reduced the chances of adverse drug interactions. No other hospital in the region offers this level of technology or safety.

We have 22 dedicated staff members who work in the pharmacy. 10 pharmacists. 12 technicians. And we are never closed.

This commitment to patient safety is just one more example of the quality of care you can expect at Coffee Regional Medical Center.